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Plans to uncover hidden part of River Roch in Rochdale

RPlans to uncover hidden part of River Roch in Rochdaleochdale Council is bidding for £800,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to uncover part of the River Roch in the town centre.

The scheme would see three sections of the river uncovered revealing a 14th Century medieval bridge.

Peter Rowlinson, from the council, said: “The public spaces in the town centre all relate to the river which has been lost as a feature, so it reconnects with the origins of the town centre.”

The Environment Agency said removing the culvert would also reduce the risk of flooding.


F763 short answer practice question – Coastal flooding

Outline a geographical issue, and suggest appropriate strategies for its management (10 marks)

Hazard map showing areas at risk from fluvial and coastal flooding in Bangladesh

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