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F763 short answer question – earthquakes

Outline a geographical issue, and suggest appropriate strategies for its management (10 marks)



30 marker: ‘Human factors have a greater influence on the causes of earth hazards than physical factors do.’ Discuss.

Please write your essay plan for this. Focus on earthquakes for the moment, with particular reference to Haiti. Plan must include detail, as when you write this essay, I will be expecting to see you back up your arguments with strong examples

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Plans to uncover hidden part of River Roch in Rochdale

RPlans to uncover hidden part of River Roch in Rochdaleochdale Council is bidding for £800,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to uncover part of the River Roch in the town centre.

The scheme would see three sections of the river uncovered revealing a 14th Century medieval bridge.

Peter Rowlinson, from the council, said: “The public spaces in the town centre all relate to the river which has been lost as a feature, so it reconnects with the origins of the town centre.”

The Environment Agency said removing the culvert would also reduce the risk of flooding.

F763 short answer practice question – Coastal flooding

Outline a geographical issue, and suggest appropriate strategies for its management (10 marks)

Hazard map showing areas at risk from fluvial and coastal flooding in Bangladesh

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Chile hopes earthquake technology can help save lives

Chile hopes earthquake technology can help save lives

How the Chilean government is embracing technology to mitigate against the effects of earthquakes

This is a good example to show how a country whose population is extremely vulnerable to powerful earthquakes are trying to reduce the severity of primary impacts, which ultimately have a large knock on effect socially, and economically. After a hazard has struck, impacts are often exacerbated by the failure of communication networks. This prevents further warning messages and advice being passed on (it is often the aftershocks which cause the buildings to finally collapse!), and help being sent to where it is needed.

Guatemala Fuego volcano eruption triggers evacuation

Guatemala Fuego volcano eruption triggers evacuation

Guatemala has evacuated thousands of people after the Fuego volcano started spewing ash and lava. Volcanologists said powerful eruptions were catapulting burning rocks as high as 1,000m (3,280ft) above the crater and lava was flowing down its slopes.

Local residents reported how the roaring of the volcano shook windows and roofs in nearby villages.

Experts say the eruption of the Fuego, 50km (31 miles) south-west of Guatemala City, is the biggest since 1999.