A Level

The course offers great breadth with a combination of new and familiar topics. There is a balance between human and physical sections and these are taught by separate, specialist teachers.

At AS level, the course will cover two modules. Module 1 includes physical units of rivers, coasts, cold environments, hot deserts and their margins. For the human side of Module 2, managing rural and urban change, energy and tourism provide a focus. Assessment for both modules is by structured, short answer questions and extended writing.

For A2, a range of contemporary geographical issues are studied in Module 3. These are as diverse as globalisation, contemporary conflicts, world cities, environments under threat, climate change and earth hazards. The final module will be based on candidates’ own fieldwork investigations, both with structured short and extended questions, but without the need to submit lengthy formal reports.

The nature of peoples’ working lives is changing and the development of a wider perspective and transferable skills in Geography provide a firm base for life-long learning. Statistics show that Geography graduates rank extremely high in employment tables.

For AS and A2, the usual entry criteria apply, but students should have enjoyed the GCSE course and show an interest in the world.

OCR A-level Syllabus

AS and A2 course outline from September 2010


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