The Millennium Development Goals: Which are the most important?

The Millennium Development Goals 

Visit the United Nations Development Programme website to explore the MDGs in more depth. Once you have done this, chose your top 3 in order of importance, and then add a comment below to justify your choice…



10 thoughts on “The Millennium Development Goals: Which are the most important?

  1. rgsgeog Post author

    For me, this is the most important, as it is the underlying goal required for the others to work. It is all well and good if a few governments try to reduce poverty – but can we really make progress if people cant agree a path forward?

  2. George Painter

    Sharing a responsibility is vital because everyone must change to make a big difference, because individuals cant stop poverty alone

  3. Oli Simms

    i think that this is the most important goal to be achieved because if everyone has education they can become global leaders and make the difference or they can become all of the other things which are needed to achieve these goals.

  4. Charles Lee

    An educated young generation would be beneficial for a country’s work ethic to be improved nation wide, which will help to bring a country out of the poverty cycle, on which the critical element is a sufficient education.

  5. Alex Clark

    I believe that global partnership is vital to eradicate poverty because it means that your not alone and other countries can provide help such as resources and food; For example clean water- something that many of us take for granted without releasing it… a quick thought for the day- would you give up your lifestyle for the people suffering.

  6. cian clancy

    if we eradicate disease it will give chances for young people in poor areas to go to school and get a proper education instead of helping their sick parents or just being ill. this would allow many people to get proper jobs and earn good money which could bring their families out of the viscous cycle of poverty.

  7. Alice Timmons

    Reducing child mortality rates is the most important reason because if there are more children, more can train to become doctors and teachers etc to help develop the future of an area with education and an improved healthcare.

  8. Maddy Withers

    I think this is the most important reason because eradicating poverty means there is more money. Money is very important because the money might go towards finding a solution for the other goals and that gradually will develop the poorer countries. So reducing poverty would help development

  9. Jenny Strange

    i belive that improveing maternal health is the most importent goal for development because it is a very big probemblem at the moment. it is something that hardley effects people in this contry. and if a mother does die in child birth then it effects the whole family as it means that anougher person has to stop working to look after them, meaning that income is reduced pushing that family even further into poverty. also it child birth was better then it would also help child mortality rates

  10. Millie Norton

    To half the proportion of hunger is extremely important as a Millenium Development Goal because there will be more healthier people in the world, and therefore able to get a job and provide for their family,


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